Intercultural Workshop am 19.08.2021

activeLAW, Hans Böckler Allee 26, 30173 Hannover
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Dear guests and members of JCI Hannover,


Working in intercultural teams can be a lot of fun. At the same time, it`s challenging, because everyone of us brings his or her own behaviors. To reflect cultural-specific behaviors, we are offering an “Intercultural Workshop” with Christiane Starke, certified business coach and owner of the translation agency linguaforum.


Why do Americans often don`t like “German PowerPoint presentations”? What could be the reason when a well-prepared meeting with French colleagues ends up in a disaster?  

We want to dive deeper into the question how you can start with yourself and adjust your behavior, when needed. 


This workshop is held in English as members of our “Expats Round Table” will join it – let`s have an intercultural exchange! 


We´re looking forward to an interactive and interesting workshop with you!


Warm regards,

Janina and Sabrina


P.S. Food & Drinks will be provided for free